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ePortfolio [featured]

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ePortfolio [featured]
by Moodle News - Thursday, 5 November 2015, 5:10 PM

The ePortfolio is a PDP, on-line CV and group space for students and staff. PDP supports you and your learning. It helps you achieve. It’s a process that you will use time and again in your academic, career search, professional and private life. You will use PDP throughout your time at the University to review what you have achieved and make decisions about the options open to you. You will use PDP again when you leave the University to find and develop your career. It will help get the right job for you and to make the most of it.

For more information about using the ePortfolio for your personal development plan, visit the ePDP Moodle site. You can access the ePDP site from the 'Useful Sites' dropdown on all Moodle sites or this link:

You can access the University of Portsmouth ePortfolio from the 'Useful Sites' drop-down menu or from: