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Moodle Mobile [featured]

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Moodle Mobile [featured]
by Moodle News - Thursday, 29 August 2013, 12:01 PM

Find out all you need to know about using Moodle on your smartphone or tablet.

Moodle is set up and ready to be used with all your favourite devices. Whether you prefer to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, we've got you covered. As you load the Moodle homepage your device is detected and presented with the optimum display for your device. Laptops and desktop machine will display the full-blown Moodle theme including front page news slider and full unit graphics. Smartphones and tablets receive the stripped-down mobile theme. The mobile theme has less graphical elements and will therefor load a lot quicker. The same Moodle unit content will be available to you, however large images will be replaced with placeholders, so that you can choose which ones to download. 

We hope you find the Moodle mobile features convenient. 

 Moodle Mobile